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Review of the Febreze HEPA-type tower air purifier

I received the Febreze tower-version of the HEPA-type air purifier for free to review from Febreze and Influenster about a month ago and have been using it every day. I have it in my living room that also is attached to the kitchen so that it takes in the air in the largest part of our home.

febreze-air-purifier-tower-1I have a humidifier in every room starting sometime in the fall-winter season. I did not have an air purifier before so didn’t know what to expect. We have a dog, Skylar, and both of us — well, all three of us with the dog — suffer from allergies at different times of the year. I was excited to try this air purifier because I have known people who have whole-house air purification systems and thought that would be awesome.

I read up on the air purifier and was pleased to learn that the Febreze air purifiers earned an Energy Star. “The energy efficiency of this Energy Star qualified model is measured based on a ratio between the models clean air delivery rate (CADR) for dust and the electrical energy it consumes, or CADR/Watt.” This tower version comes with two HEPA-type filters that have a built-in, odor-absorbing pre-filter. Both go vertically in the back behind the door. It’s fairly easy to assemble. I realized later that I needed to hit the reset button for it. It also comes with a scent cartridge that likewise has a reset button. The filters need replacing about every 4 months, and the scent cartridge every month. The purifier monitors for both, so it will indicate also when to change them — as long as the buttons are reset.  (I have a bad habit of reading those manuals after I’ve assembled and used something.) One thing the booklet said is to ensure the room is frequently dusted and vacuumed and that can add to prolonging the life of the filter. I do this once a week since we have Skylar Holmes. He sheds. A lot. Oh, and drags his food around when he eats, but that’s another story.

Yes. My dog uses his bed on the couch for a pillow and not as intended.

After using the air purifier in the living area for about a month, I have gotten so used to the sound that I sometimes forget to turn it off when we’re not there. The unit can run all the time, but the manual recommended to turn it off when we’re gone. I like that I can turn the scent to the lowest end and not smell anything because I am scent-sensitive at times due to troubles with migraine attacks. I can also adjust the control dial for the cleaning level. At the second and third cleaning level, I think it sounds like my “white noise” on my alarm clock. At the lowest, I find it blends in with the sounds around me.

Does it clean the air? That is harder to say for sure. I mean, I’m not a scientist. I do have a sensitive nose. I can say that stale odors, cooking odors, doggy odors, etc. that used to muddy up the air around us eventually clear our with the use of the air purifier. I cooked burgers one night and they usually end up filling all the rooms with the smell — even the towels in the bathroom — since our house is small. I checked the rooms and there was such a difference. We have air fresheners in our rooms, and I could smell them and not cooking smells competing. Also, sometimes I would smell what I call “old wood” smell when I walk into the house after being away. Now, I don’t smell “old wood” smell. My only thought was that I do wish for more scent options for that cartridge. Two are available: spring & renewal and linen & sky. I am reviewing the linen & sky. It is a nice scent and doesn’t overwhelm. And since I am prone to migraines, I guess that’s a plus!

I did receive the tower version in white, but I wanted to add that the air purifier comes in white or gray; it also is available as a mini tower or a table-top version: I recommend this product and I can see that the table-top version would do well in a bedroom setting: If you have any questions, please leave a comment and I will try to answer. I love researching things, too, so if I don’t have the answer I can find it for you.  For more information direct from the Febreze site, go to


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